Quality inspections

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Quality inspections

"You don´t get what you expect, you get what you inspect"


Are you sure that the products you have bought are produced with the right tolerances, right quality and contain the right material?

Are you also sure that the products you have bought are properly tested, are certified with a valid certificate and fulfill all the norms and laws for your home market?

Purchasing material and products from various locations around the world will involve some risks that we normally do not think of when purchasing from local suppliers. It can be things that we take for granted like the packaging, things lost in communication for reasons that will occur when both parties is not native speaking English or poor management at the supplier.

A CE certificate, a test according to the RoHS directive or a performed lab test can all be bought or forged easily in some markets. These are things that all forces you to be extra careful and control your products before placing them on the market with your company name and reputation on them.


PPS Consulting performs with our own experienced staff and together with our strategic partners quality inspections at suppliers in all of Europe and Asia. This is a quality assurance of your product, where you have a chance to approve or reject before cost for transportation, loss of time and bad reputation with your clients appear.

We can perform inspections before production is started to secure that the right information, material and methods are used. We can inspect the final product after production, and also inspect the material when loading into a container or a truck to validate that you will receive what you have paid for.




Purchasing Support and Project Support


Purchasing Support -We offer purchasing support both at a strategic level for those who want to develop your purchase work, and even on an operational level, where you may only need help with specific actions on various projects.


Project support - With years of experience as project management, construction engineers, site managers, project managers and construction managers in the construction industry, we offer support for your projects, both nationally and internationally. We help you with your project in some selected parts or the whole project.





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