Project support

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Project support


We have extencive experience in taking part in, and running large Construction Projects both on a national and an international level.

Our organisation can support you and your Project on a specific part of the project, or during the whole Project Please see our reference list for Project we have been taking part in.


Below are listed some of the things we help other Projects with


  • Supervision and Project management
  • Method and material investigations and proposals
  • Planning regarding time and recources
  • Support Before and during final inspections
  • Economical follow ups and estimations
  • Planning and coordination of subcontractors work
  • Support when purchasing subcontractors
  • Criticalexamination of the design
  • Risk evaluation in projects
  • General productionsupport for younger sitemanagers, mentorship









Aktiv medlem:

Purchasing Support and Project Support


Purchasing Support -We offer purchasing support both at a strategic level for those who want to develop your purchase work, and even on an operational level, where you may only need help with specific actions on various projects.


Project support - With years of experience as project management, construction engineers, site managers, project managers and construction managers in the construction industry, we offer support for your projects, both nationally and internationally. We help you with your project in some selected parts or the whole project.