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Hållbara affärer i en hållbar värld,

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Our reference projects


Together our staff have more then 50 years experience of conducting Project management, Project support and strategic purchasing.Our experience is achieved in large organizations ehen stationed in countrys like Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Canada, China, Germany, India.


Below are some examples of the Projects that our staff have been envolved in:


  • KM8, Papermill in Skoghall, Sweden
  • Powerplant in Uri, India
  • Öresund tunnel, the Connection between Sweden and Denmark
  • Factory for Lostor Ror in Zabrze, Poland
  • HedensPowerplant in Karlstad, Sweden
  • Tetra Pak factory in Sunne, Sweden
  • Responsible for purchasing office in Asia stationed in Shanghai, China
  • Construction of Camp Viktoria, Kosovo
  • Construction of NSE:s Camp in Skopje, Macedonia
  • Älvstrandens bildningscentrum in Hagfors, Sweden
  • Mobile Communication system for the Swedish Railway, Sweden
  • Maintenence of Camp Victoria and smaller compounds, Kosovo
  • Swedens most energyefficient school, Vargbroskolan in Storfors, Sweden
  • Gunnarsbyskolan in Charlottenberg, Sweden
  • Project design of an officebuilding in Warszaw, Poland
  • Töcksfors Handelspark, Sweden
  • Project management change to LED light at sport facility in Karlstad, Sweden
  • Utbyggnad av Våtparti PM 4, Gruvöns bruk, Sverige
  • Construction of water pipeline for Bäckhammars bruk, Sweden
  • Construction of factory for Kongsberg Automotive in Åmotfors, Sweden
  • Renovation of powerplant damms in Sunne, Sweden
  • Construction of new police station and county jail in Karlstad, Sweden
  • Project management of new office building in Karlstad, Sweden








Aktiv medlem:

Purchasing Support and Project Support


Purchasing Support -We offer purchasing support both at a strategic level for those who want to develop your purchase work, and even on an operational level, where you may only need help with specific actions on various projects.


Project support - With years of experience as project management, construction engineers, site managers, project managers and construction managers in the construction industry, we offer support for your projects, both nationally and internationally. We help you with your project in some selected parts or the whole project.