Vision and values

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Our vision and values

"Sustainable business in a sustainable World, that is our responsibility"


Our vision is to become a Projects natural partner regarding Project and purchasing support.


We Believe that all our stakeholders are entitled to know about our business practice. Our values Delivery, Transparency and Balance guides us in all our activities on a Daily basis.


Our Code of conduct is focused on our stakeholders.


Our Customers

Our business is competent support within project management and change management within purchasing. All our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal. Above all we value our ability to serve our customers who can benefit from the appropiate use of our services. We are dedicated to providing the highest professional level of excellence in all our services. We strive to identify the most critical needs from our clients and customers, and we devote our recources to the fullest to meeting those needs.


Our Employees

Our ability to succed depends on the integrity, knowledge, skills, creativity and teamwork of our employees. We strive to create an environment of mutual respect, encuragement, and teamspirit. A working environment that rewards commitment , performance and seeks to be responsive to the needs of each employee.

We seek to provide a workplace atmosphere that attracts highly talented people and helps them to achieve their full potential. Each of us is responsible for creating a climate of trust and respect, and for promoting a productive work environment. There responsibilities are embodied in our leaderships.


Our Shareholders

We recognize that our ability to meet our goals depends on maintaining financial performance in a long term perspective. This enable us to deliver effective and innovative services. We strive to provide our shareholders and all or stakeholders with accurate information and act according to our owners directives.


Our Suppliers and Partners

We believe in developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and strategic partners. We recognise that they are important partners in our succsess, and we treat them with honesty, fairness and respect. We also expect that they will conduct business activities for or on behalf of the Company in accordance with business standards and values that align with our own. We also expect that our suppliers and strategic partners follow the ILO convention from the United Nations


Our Community and Society

Beering a good corporate citizen means that we comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Also, we serve our society, from the local communities in which we operate to the national and international levels, by supporting a number of programs, including those that promote environmental sustainability. All our activities are guided by our corporate responsibility principle ”We shall always consider the human- , environmental-, and economical aspects of our




Purchasing Support and Project Support


Purchasing Support -We offer purchasing support both at a strategic level for those who want to develop your purchase work, and even on an operational level, where you may only need help with specific actions on various projects.


Project support - With years of experience as project management, construction engineers, site managers, project managers and construction managers in the construction industry, we offer support for your projects, both nationally and internationally. We help you with your project in some selected parts or the whole project.





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